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last update: 9/2005

As I said, bad things tend to happen in triples.

So I hope the swivelling table will be the last component with this T-slot problem.

And on this one, there were, of course, three slots needing attention: One in the base, and two in the middle bit.

Well, mind you, the ones in the top plate were still perfect, so how should I complain?

With the ones in the base I made the whole profile a bit wider.

A dentist's mirror is a very useful tool to check if the surface is already cleaned up!

Of course, I made very substantial T-nuts, again from 42MnCr4 steel.
Just compare the size of the contact area of the original T-bolt and the new nuts.

As I said before, I would now consider making such nuts even for a new table, it saves so much trouble!

The middle section was a bit awkward to accommodate on my little FP1, and I had to make a special tool holder for the T-slot cutter to be able to machine the end of the slot next to the plate on the l.h.s.

In the middle, you can see the damage; this was the worst spot.

But even this one cleaned up nicely when I enlarged the whole T-profile from 10 to 14 mm.

And again, big T-nuts instead of the small-headed bolts.

I hope this will settle the argument!

to be continued...  


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